Key Staff

Colin Palmer-Brown

BA (Hons) Director

As a founding member, Colin has overseen several re-brandings. His focus is on finance, quality control and strategic planning, with sideline interests in period property restoration. Out of work, it’s flying, travel and cycling.

Helen Palmer-Brown


A former Publications Officer attached to the City of Lincoln Archaeology Unit, Helen’s role centres on project management, staff salaries and project support. She also has an interest in period property restoration. Out of work, it’s horse riding, travel, cycling and exotic food.

Will Munford

BA (Joint Hons) Director

Will joined the Company in 2003 as a Project Officer, and was appointed Contracts Manager in 2006. He left briefly to become an Archaeological Consultant, returning as Senior Manager in 2008. In 2010 Will became a Director and now takes on the lion’s share of Company and contract management.

Charlotte Bentley

BA (Hons) Finds & Archives Officer

Following a few years in field archaeology, Charlotte trained to become an archaeological Illustrator and has been working with finds ever since. Charlotte curates our finds and archives and undertakes finds illustration, specialising in professional standard pottery drawings for reports.

Leigh Brocklehurst

BA (Hons) MSc Project Officer

Leigh joined the company in 2013. He takes on a wide variety of tasks, including excavation, report writing and surveying. Outside of work, Leigh is a keen rugby player.

Phil Evans

BA (Hons) MCIfA Post-Excavation Manager

An archaeologist of 20 years, Phil has been a Project Manager/Consultant since 2003. He joined the Company in 2014 and is currently responsible for the production of professional, technical and publication reports and desk-based assessments; specialising in Settings Impact Assessments.

Sue Gibbins

  Administration Officer

Sue joined in 2014 and is likely to be your first point of contact. Sue supports the directors in the development of new and on-going projects. Outside of work Sue is a keen interior designer & loves holidaying in Mallorca.

Alison Lane

BA (Hons) Project Officer

Alison came to the company in 2010 as a site assistant, and was subsequently promoted to Project Officer. Primarily office based, Alison focuses on desk-based projects and research.

David Moro Navas

  Trainee Project Officer

David joined the Company in January 2017 as a Trainee Project Officer.

His principal role centres on site supervision and reporting.

Rachel Savage

BA (Hons) Reports Officer

Rachel has worked for the Company intermittently since 2003: she specialises in research and report writing, and loves to reconstruct the narrative of sites with a story. Out of hours, Rachel is a fantasy and science fiction writer and poet.

Simon Savage

BA (Hons) Project Officer

Simon is the longest serving employee of PCAS Archaeology Ltd. Joining the Company in 2001, initially as a Project Officer, he developed a range of skills; in particular archaeological surveying. Simon’s speciality is historic building recording.

Adam Slater

  Project Officer

Coming to PCAS Archaeology in 2016, Adam's career over the past 16 years has had him undertaking field and management tasks in the UK, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Republic of Georgia, as well as running research excavations in Orkney and Somerset.

Julian Sleap

  Project Officer

With more than 25 years experience, Julian is a seasoned field archaeologist. When not excavating or surveying, the Company is able to make good use of his better than average digital illustration skills.

Rebecca Dickinson

BA (Hons) Supervisor

Rebecca joined the company in 2016 as a Site Assistant and soon progressed to Supervisor. She carries out watching briefs, and assists with evaluations and excavations. Outside of work she is a keen photographer.

Patricia Silvan

  Supervisor (Illustration)

Patricia Joined the Company in January 2017.

Mostly her role is field-based, but Patricia’s specialism is computer graphics.

Mark Williams

BA BSc (Hons) Supervisor

Mark has been working in the Earth Science industry for 12 years. His roles have included both project and production management.  He has worked extensively with both geophysics and surveying, in methods including Magnetics (including gradiometery), EM, IP Resistivity (including ERT), Seismology, Radiometrics and GRP.  He has extensive experience with GIS, including remote sensing methods. At a personal level, Mark is a keen endurance athlete, with most weekends taken up running, riding, or racing his kayak.

David Brown

  Senior Site Assistant

David first came to the Company back in 2005. After leaving to assess an alternative career path, he returned as a Site Assistant in 2014, before being promoted to Senior Site Assistant in 2016. A committed ‘field man’, David routinely undertakes watching briefs.

David Bower

  Site Assistant

David has been a field archaeologist for more than thirty years. Having worked on a whole range of urban and rural sites of just about every period, he is without doubt a very seasoned field archaeologist and a valuable member of the team.

Rob Otter

  Site Assistant

Before getting hooked on archaeology, Rob worked for his family building company. After volunteering on a couple of excavations, however, he decisively declared an interest in getting into archaeology full time, and has been in permanent employment since January 2017.

Stan Palmer-Brown

Dip. Eng. Site Assistant

After studying for a qualification in land-based engineering, Stan decided that archaeology was more interesting. He has been a part-time Site Assistant since 2015 and actively engages with the physical and mental processes of excavation. Outside of work, he enjoys metal detecting, fishing and off-road cycling.

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