About Us

Founded in 1993, our speciality is the provision of cost effective support to planning and development: PCAS Archaeology Ltd is an enabling vehicle, committed to dovetailing the needs of industry with the requirements of planning.

We work for everyone: from multinational infrastructure providers to self builders. So, when faced with archaeological constraints, the chances are we can formulate solutions that you can both trust and afford.

Our track record is enviable: over more than two decades, we have served the needs of construction and simultaneously met archaeological industry standards.

We offer an impressive service range that is based on a uniquely holistic approach to doing business; one that is keenly focused on your needs. We are not miracle workers, but our company ethos is to engage in a process that delivers results that reflect the needs of our clients.

There is little we cannot achieve using the skills range offered by our team; from desk-based research and non-intrusive surveys to complex preservation strategies that mitigate damage to archaeological remains. And on the few occasions where mitigation is not an option, we can excavate to facilitate.

NB: PCAS Archaeology has previously been known as "Pre-Construct Archaeology (Lincoln)" and "Pre-Construct Archaeological Services Ltd".

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